Ah… (I’m famous)

Kimberley Spreeuwenberg (designer of Gonzo Circus, MA student at the University of Amsterdam) wrote an entry for Arie Altena on Wikipedia, and wrote a blogpost analyzing that process: http://kspreeuwenberg.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/a-wiki-noob/.

Ah, I’m here: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arie_Altena.

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1000 / Me


Me, with banjo, at Cyclic! 3 weeks ago. Photo taken by & copyright Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt. In the background photo’s from Brent Humphreys ‘Le Tour’.

See also http://www.flickr.com/photos/44077252@N02/4068501923/in/set-72157622718568952

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Green & yellow

… and red. I love it that the elm (I think it’s an elm) next to the window of my workroom stays green so long. It will be beautifully yellow in a week or two. The street has been covered already in the red leaves of another tree. And I just picked up a yellow leave that had landed on the windowsill. Autumn is a good time to work.

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Vertaalbaarheid / translatability

Blog on translation / weblog over vertalen. Good stuff / goed spul. http://www.tirade.nu/.

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I have been hoping to write this post since about May 2006. I could have written it since last friday. On that day I finally finished the job of updating my xs4all-site, the place where I archive (well…) the texts I’ve written and (mostly) published. Old skool html, unchanged url’s since the very first day (1997, but when?) (The only major changes in all those years have been the adding of a bit of css and a bit of cleaning up).

Don’t expect fancy design, don’t expect proper editorial and/or typographic quality (as often I do not have a digital copy of the text as it is actually printed), don’t expect that these texts are exactly identical to what’s printed! It’s just as good as it gets. I mean: I did not reread those more than 50+ texts that I uploaded. But at least it’s available now. (A-and, I have some sort of an overview of what I did…).

A-and no: I am not going to scan that lot to make pdfs available. But if you feel like doing that: go ahead, and please send me a copy too…

Ah… update (a few minutes later): I checked the wayback-machine, the first entry for my site is the 2nd of december 1998 and I see that at that time the site actually had a bit of design. So a major change was that I got rid of some characteristic 90s-html-design. The page in on archive.org states that it was last changed on the 14th of October 1997. A-and, shame to me, I apparently did change file-names at some point. What is now schmidt.html was as1.html. Ah, there goes my story of having ‘persistent’ urls for over 12 years.

O, I’m talking about this site: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ariealt.

Update (one day later): ah, there was one error, and strict browsers did not like to read my html. Corrected now. But do not expect that my html validates 100%.

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Pixel / Ink

Btw: I’m blogging live at the Print / Pixel conference at the Piet Zwart, in Rotterdam: http://blog.wdka.nl/communication-in-a-digital-age/.


For when you get bored reading all the ‘murikan reviews of 2666: http://venepoetics.blogspot.com/search/label/RobertoBolaño

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On internet & time

My last 4 “tweets”:

ariealt going thru my rss-feeds, seeing i havent looked at most of them since november 16th (2008), excepting those of friends &c. less than 5 seconds ago from web

ariealt the website that’s not updated since january 2006! less than 5 seconds ago from web

ariealt first a second big coffee. hmm twitter-spam. have to finish listing my publications of 2008, then update the website less than 5 seconds ago from web

ariealt home (after a’dam-r’dam-enschede-almelo-r’dam-a’dam for an evening on digital poetry in enschede), dishes done, back to work or cycling? 8 minutes ago from web

Yeah, I know, plugins do exist to stream twitter-updates straight to wordpress. I won’t use it, I guess

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2.7 Coltrane

Ah, good — updated WordPress. Thanks Peet! The interface of 2.7 restores most of the good things of the previous versions, those before 2.6 :-)

Oh, and I am twittering. Sometimes. My username is easy to guess.

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Serge Onnen in NYC

This year he’s not sending out e-mails to friends, but blogs his reports on http://nynotesnovdec2008.blogspot.com/, mostly art shows (and a few funny spelling errors).

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