… this is the blog of Arie Altena. I work as editor/researcher for V2_ in Rotterdam: http://www.v2.nl, and I am part of the team that organizes the Sonic Acts festival: http://www.sonicacts.com. I occasionally write about new media, art, internet-culture, media-theory, literature &c. for various and publications. Sometimes I teach at an arts academy or university. A few times a year I am invited to give a lecture on a subject related to technology and art, music or literature. I’m a member of the advisory board of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. I’m also member of the jury for the Witteveen+Bos-Prijs voor Kunst+Techniek. I was a member of the committee for the Fonds BKVB: http://www.fondsbkvb.nl. I served as chairman of the board of Foundation 2 which was/is in charge of the concert series DNK-Amsterdam: http://www.dnk-amsterdam.com. I occasionally do a translation (English-Dutch, German-Dutch) or editing job. I work and live at Marci Panis.

A sort of archive of my published writing can be found at http://www.xs4all.nl/~ariealt. Sorry, in dire need of updating. There’s a hidden, non-linked directory with PDFs of all the interviews I did for the Sonic Acts books – for private use only.

I studied Literary Theory at the University of Amsterdam and spent 4 years as a PhD-student working on American postmodernist literature. I never finished my PhD because at the time (1994) the WWW and HTML were far more exciting, and I became heavily involved with new media and the internet.

I worked for Mediamatic: http://www.mediamatic.net for a long time — still feel a strong connection to them.

I also work/worked for Metropolis M, the Dutch magazine for contemporary art, http://www.metropolism.org.

I co-organized Sonic Acts X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV: http://www.sonicacts.com, and the Kontraste festivals 2011, 2012 and 2013. I co-curated the Dark Ecology project 2014–2016. I also edited a number of books for Sonic Acts, as well as for Kontraste.

In 2006 I was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, http://www.janvaneyck.nl, where my research on the transformation of writing online (amongst serious bloggers) was part of the Ubiscribe-project.

I live in Amsterdam. I play guitar & banjo in Oorbeek: http://www.oorbeek.net.

It goes without saying that on this blog I write about anything that catches my attention. Including blogging.

But mostly cycling.

Actually, pretty much only cycling at the moment.

Actually, only cycling, to be honest.

Which is not entirely true – as those who might have found their way to a couple of longer ‘pages’ know.

(In 2006 I decided to write in (international) English; before that I used my native language, Dutch. Although I feel more at home in Dutch, I continue blogging in English; being under the impression (delusion?) I have a small international audience… In 2011 I decided to use Dutch as the main language, for the simple reason that I enjoy writing in Dutch better than writing in English, and also because in my professional & private life I’m using English so much already.)

Please note that although I have accounts at Facebook, Twitter and the like, I hardly never use those services.

E-mails to ariealt[at]xs4all.nl please. I do read e-mail.

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