Ear Reader

Nieuw tijdschrift over hedendaagse compositie: The Ear Reader. Ziet er erg goed uit, zin om al die essays te lezen en Kyriakides & Vigier’s Queer Foreign Objects te spelen. Goed werk van Rozalie Hirs & anderen.

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Kritische massa

Pirate-pad & reflectie op de middag over kunstkritiek en digitale kunst: http://www.virtueelplatform.nl/#3153.

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A warning from Richard Stallmann

“New cloud computing OS released by Google is plan to push people into ‘careless computing’, warns free software advocate” sez The Guardian. Good piece, here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/dec/14/chrome-os-richard-stallman-warning.

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Oorbeek at the Soon Institute

A really late announcement, in two hours from now Oorbeek will do an acoustic concert to celebrate the release of the Ombromanie dvd & book, at the Soon Institute, Vijzelstraat 67, Amsterdam: http://www.thesooninstitute.com/tmc/. That is Wednesday December 15th, 18 – 20 hrs.

From the Facebookpage (I don’t do Facebook):

“Very limited edition book & dvd with 16mm, 8mm, video registrations of oorbeek shadow performances in Amsterdam and Berlin.

small party with accidental music, ignored drinks, projections”

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