RWM Objecthood podcast

I sat down a week and a half ago and talked for 32 minutes about the Kola Superdeep to a microphone, sent it to Roc Jiménez de Cisneros of Radio Web Macba and he edited it to include about 15 minutes (I’m told) in this podcast: RWM Macba Objecthood 4.

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Dark Ecology in the Barents Observer

Finally, I’m in the Barents Observer – a pre-announcement of the Dark Ecology-project:


The Dark Ecology team scouting locations, (from left to right) Annette Wolfsberger, Hilde Methi, Arie Altena and Guro Vrålstad . (Photo: Michael Miller)

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Douglas Kahn: Earth Sound Earth Signal

Het nieuwste, lang aangekondigde boek van Douglas Kahn, ik las het van het weekend eindelijk uit. Long overdue. Fundamenteel.

Lees de introductie hier:



Disclosure of interest: ik word, samen met Lucas van der Velden van Sonic Acts, bedankt in de ‘acknowledgements’.

Amsterdam municipality revives Irish (Gaeilge)

Today a letter arrives from the municipality of Amsterdam. It starts:

‘A Dhuine Uasail,
Mar saoránal on Eioraip atá i do chonal san….

The letter is monolingual. (Usually they send out letters in two or three languages).

It’s addressed to F. She learnt a bit of Irish in school – as all Irish do. Ireland is officially bilingual. But, as most people know, Irish is only used in some Western parts of Ireland (Gaeltach). Irish speak English. Most Irish never use Irish (Gaeilge). The Irish in Amsterdam will sort of get the meaning of the letter (I see words like ‘Phalrlaimint na hEoropa’), and get that it’s about the European election…

I think someone will have to send these letters again… Or it’s a filter, to make sure people will not react. Or… the computer program did not allow a bilingual letter to be sent out. So the choice had to be made: either a letter in only English – which would not be correct for an official letter concerning Irish matters – or a letter in only Irish…

Just speculating.

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Vertical Cinema in het Stedelijk

Sonic Acts presenteert Vertical Cinema in het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Van donderdag 20 tot en met zondag 23 februari. Met behalve de screening van de 10 films ook lezingen van o.a. Noam Elcott. En een Synchronator workshop.

Meer info op de site van Sonic Acts: en natuurlijk hier:

Niet te missen!

flyer VC Stedelijk 1

flyer VC Stedelijk 1

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Vertical Cinema

De eerste voorstelling van Vertical Cinema op het IFFR is al uitverkocht – goed nieuws: er is een tweede voorstelling om 22:15 op vrijdag 24 januari:

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Space Debris & Vertical Cinema

Sonic Acts events, deze en volgende week:
Zaterdag 18 januari, de Balie, Amsterdam: boekpresentatie, met Omar Muñoz-Cremers, Bernhard Foing, Femke Herregraven en DJs van Gonzo (circus).
Donderdag 23 januari, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam: lezing Erkki Huhtamo.
Vrijdag 24 januari, Arminius, Rotterdam: Vertical Cinema.
(En dan ook nog een workshop op 23 & 24 januari i.s.m het Piet Zwart Instituut en Filmwerkplaats Worm).

Info: Space Debris, Booklaunch en Vertical Cinema

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The Dark Universe 21–24 February

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Sonic Acts Masterclasses

Here’s the call for the Sonic Acts Masterclasses – an excellent opportunity to ‘be educated’ by Goodiepal, CM von Hausswolff/Mike Harding, the Vasulkas, Tony Conrad and/or Trevor Paglen. Some are just one day, others stretch over several days. Info on: Apply before the 5th of February!

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Sonic Acts Exhibition

Tonight: the opening of the Sonic Acts exhibition, The Dark Universe. With works of a.o. Matthijs Munnik, HC Gilje, Matthew Biederman, Felicie d’Estiennes Orves and more. And music by a.o. Raime, Peter Swanson For photos check:


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