69 / 2.58

Ook in november kun je goed rijden. 10 graden, noordenwind, bewolkt. Het ging lekker en dus werd het een langer rondje dan ik van plan was. In het bos was het wel echt cyclocross met een dikke laag bruine bladeren (glad) en modder.

Marcusstraat – Ringdijk – Diemerpark – Muiden – Muiderberg – Hakkelaarsbrug – Naarden – Valkenveen – Drafna – Bikbergen – Blaricum – St.Janskerkhof – Natuurbrug Crailo – Spanderswoud – ‘s Gravenland – Googpad – Driemond – Stammerdijk – Diemen – Weespertrekvaart – Marcusstraat

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The Long 18th

Collaborative blog about 18th-century literature, with 2 excellent collaborative readings: http://long18th.wordpress.com/. The critical discussion of The Triumph of Augustan Poetics: English Literary Culture from Butler to Johnson, a book by Blanford Parke, made me almost buy the book immediately…

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Ted Nelson, again

Have I not been reading the informed blogs? This is already old: there is apparently a working version of Xanadu – Windows only. Huh? Ted Nelson (yes, the one-and-only Ted Nelson) presents it in a video here, in a Google-talk: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8329031368429444452. Via http://www.futureofthebook.org/archives/2007/10/ted_nelsons_still_on_the_job.html.

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Audio Office Event

If you’re in or nearby Groningen: there’s an Audio Office Audio Art Event running from the 9th till the 11th of november (at the Steenhouwerskade 9). Sound art, deejays, installations. With a.o. Steven Jouwersma, Jobbe Holtes, Sjanet Bijker and Pascal Petzinger. More info: http://www.audiooffice.nl/.

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JODI in Groningen

Yesterday we had a presentation of JODI in Groningen – as part of the lecture series Future’s Past: Re-Imaging Art and Media, organised by Eric de Bruyn. (We had Alex Galloway two weeks ago, Joost Raessens coming up next week).

Or better, we had a DI-(Dirk Paesmans)-presentation, as Joan Heemskerk couldn’t make it. Dirk and me had ‘stamppot’ and beers beforehand, talking about how the game-art and digital art is doing very well (booming?) now in the NY-art-market, talking about the works of Cory Archangel, and about living in ‘isolated’ Dordrecht.

Here’s some of JODI’s current stuff. Jet Set Willy Variations 1984: http://jetsetwilly.jodi.org/, and they’re part of the Composite Club: http://compositeclub.cc/.

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Books with pictures

Reading / browsing books with lots of pictures is like, well, watching a good documentary on television. Or better?

These days I sometimes browse through Vic Gatrell’s City of Laughter, a very detailed account of the satirical prints published in London between 1760 and 1820: with lots of color-illustrations. The text is a bit too detailed for the level of my interest in 18th century London culture, but the prints are great. Review in the Guardian: http://books.guardian.co.uk/reviews/history/0,,1933468,00.html.

Less academic – so closer to watching a documentary on tevee is The Seventy Great Journeys in History, published by Thames and Hudson. I love a book like this for the pleasurable way in which it fills gaps in my knowledge. And it’s nothing I have to know for any special reason.

I love clicking from one wikipedia-entry to another too as a way of discovering, filling in gaps and learning, but sometimes you just want to lie in a chair with a picture book.

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35 / 1.17 / 27.0

Zondagmiddagrondje Ronde Hoep. 12 graden, lekker doorgereden – laatste stuk met een andere wielrenner in mn wiel (nu zette ik ns iemand uit de wind). Vaak goeie ‘vorm’ de dag na een 100km-ritje.

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104 / 4.20

Zaterdagmiddag. Bewolkt, een westelijk briesje en warm voor de tijd van het jaar: 15 graden. Heerlijk fietsweer – dat de straat nat lag, en de onverharde paden vol met bladertroep deert niet: mn fiets is toch al vreselijk smerig. En omdat de zon niet schijnt is het overal heel rustig. Ideaal voor een 100km-ritje.

Marcusstraat – Ouderkerk – Ronde Hoep – Veldweg – Amstelhoek – De Hoef – Woerdense Verlaat – Grecht – Kanis – Kamerik – Teckop – Kortrijk – Breukelen – Loenen – Loenderveense Plassen – Oud Loosdrecht – Kortenhoef – Corversbos – Spanderswoud – Naardermeer – Visserijpad – Muiderberg – Muiden – Diemerpark – Ringdijk – Marcusstraat

Plaatje in twee delen: westelijk en oostelijk.

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De Monografie, Dick Raaijmakers

Available in december in Dutch, and in spring 2008 also in an English translation: De Monografie, a complete overview of the works of Dutch avant-gardist, conceptualist, theatermaker, composer and pioneer of electronic music Dick Raaijmakers.

Arjen Mulder and Joke Brouwer of V2_ have worked by now almost three years on the book, and have gone through Dick Raaijmakers papers and other archived ‘stuff’ for it. (I’ve seen quite a few originals pass by here in the V2_ office…).

If you order the Dutch version now, you’ll get a discount. More info: http://www.dickraaijmakers.nl/

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Rechnender Raum

A new work from the German (new media) artist Ralf Baeker: Rechnender Raum. He describes it as follows: “”Rechnender Raum” (calculating space) is a contemplative machine. Strings, weights, leavers and motors are connected to circular neural network. Touching one leaver will release an impulse that runs through the whole system; it will compute its possible states to infinity.” The term ‘Rechnender Raum’ comes from Konrad Zuse, one of the ‘fathers’ of the computer.

Take a look here (also video documentation): http://www.no-surprises.de/rechnender_raum/

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