Amsterdam municipality revives Irish (Gaeilge)

Today a letter arrives from the municipality of Amsterdam. It starts:

‘A Dhuine Uasail,
Mar saoránal on Eioraip atá i do chonal san….

The letter is monolingual. (Usually they send out letters in two or three languages).

It’s addressed to F. She learnt a bit of Irish in school – as all Irish do. Ireland is officially bilingual. But, as most people know, Irish is only used in some Western parts of Ireland (Gaeltach). Irish speak English. Most Irish never use Irish (Gaeilge). The Irish in Amsterdam will sort of get the meaning of the letter (I see words like ‘Phalrlaimint na hEoropa’), and get that it’s about the European election…

I think someone will have to send these letters again… Or it’s a filter, to make sure people will not react. Or… the computer program did not allow a bilingual letter to be sent out. So the choice had to be made: either a letter in only English – which would not be correct for an official letter concerning Irish matters – or a letter in only Irish…

Just speculating.

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