Douglas Kahn I: An Afternoon With…

Ik kan hier wat vaker vertellen wat ik zoal doe… Voor Kontraste (festival in Krems, Oostenrijk) hebben we (Sonic Acts) Douglas Kahn naar Europa gehaald. Hij heeft een mooi essay geschreven voor de publicatie (The Aelectrosonic), en doet de keynote op het festival. Douglas Kahn is nu in Amsterdam en geeft op zondagmiddag 9 oktober om 15:00 een lezing in het auditorium van het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Hier de blurb & info:

The Arts of Sound in a Natural History of Media

A lecture about the connections between a new media theory historically based on 19th century telecommunications, and the practice of artists and composers who since the 1960s have used the sounds of physical forces at the scale of the earth as their raw material. Communications technologies have never been about communications; they have also been used to scientifically and aesthetically sense natural energetic systems like the wind and radio. Ancient music was heard in telegraph lines as they became unwitting Aeolian harps playing what Henry David Thoreau called Sphere Music. The Aelectrosonic, the new electrical sounds and music of nature, was first heard by Thomas Watson when the first telephone line acted as an antenna. These are the acoustical roots of artists and composers who, beginning in the 1960s, conceived of physical forces at the scale of the earth as their raw material. Artists and musicians increasingly work this way, now that climate change means that what we call Nature begins at the global level.

Douglas Kahn is Professor at the National Institute for Experimental Arts at University of New South Wales in Sydney, and author of Noise, Water, 
Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts.

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