Is it neoliberalism?

No, says F.C., the new Dutch policy for the arts is conservative ressentment moving towards politbureau capitalism:

Read this well:

“Europe, and the Western World, is rapidly moving towards the model of Chinese politbureau capitalism. Governments now act as supreme CEO boards, public budgets are used as direct investment into businesses. But for the Western economies, this is not investment into macroeconomic growth, but a measure for preventing the ship from sinking. What started with bail-outs and nationalization of the financial sector has become a virus, or to be precise: a reverse Ponzi scheme, growing into the rest of the economy. Instead of mobilizing all production means for a military war, total mobilization for the global economic war. The 21st century is turning into the perfect fulfillment of a prophecy written down one hundred years ago, state monopoly capitalism as described in Rudolf Hilferding’s 1910 book “Das Finanzkapital” (“The Financial Capital”).”

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