Oh yeah…

Protested today in The Hague. At some point I saw the ME lining up, preparing to ‘shove’ the group away that was protesting outside The Binnenhof (instead of nicely far away on the Malieveld). It was probably the most quiet demonstration I was ever in (actually, I found it too quiet, certainly on the Malieveld, that’s why we’d gone into town).

When I saw them lining up I decided to split. – I get too excited, will do stupid things, can’t stay calm in those situations. Besides, the scenario is completely set. Others can stay calm. They were shoved away. Olof, the new director of NIMk was beaten up by the police, just like several others. Pictures on Facebook and below.

Of course it didn’t make any difference. Zijlstra didn’t budge at all. (If you don’t care, it’s easy to not budge). Or maybe it did matter. We truly know who the enemy is, and how hard we will have to fight to make an end to catastrophal populist neoliberalism.

And make a new world. (And a new art).


Pictures on Facebook, not sure if ye need to be logged in: facebook-link

One here, more at the link.

Well, that’s how it goes. That’s the scenario.

Photos also here, courtesy of our “friends” at GeenStijl. It looks like they’re ANP-press photos: http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1551651/252e2f14/artistieke_khmer_slaat_toe_in_den_haag.html

And here some more interesting stuff: http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2011/06/76980.shtml

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