Cesar Harada: Protei

On tuesday I interviewed Cesar Harada – I’m editting the text now, it will be published on the V2_website. Cesar Harada is working with his team on Protei, an unmanned sailing boat for cleaning up oil spills. He’s an energetic, humble guy who’s doing impressive work.

Protei is project of the day on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cesarminoru/protei-open-hardware-oil-spill-cleaning-sailing-ro/.

Consider to fund it….

More on Protei here: http://protei.org.

Cesar was at V2_ for 2 weeks and developed a new model for the boat – it was tested on the Maas: http://www.v2.nl/files/2011/lab/protei-test-model.

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