My history with Macs

This is my history with Macintosh computers:
– Mac SE 30, 2nd hand, already heavily used when I bought it in 1991. Still works.
– Powerbook 100, 2n hand, heavily used when I bought it in 1994 (?), worked fine, until it got troubles with the power and the battery. Loved it.
– PowerMac 4400, ugly thing, but worked fine and still worked fine when I turned it on 2 years ago.
– Powerbook G3, by far my favorite computer, the first white one. Best for typing. Bought new. Many issues: new motherboard (twice?), broken harddisk, issues with the screen. Got tired of the issues and bought a new G4. Turned it on more than 2 years ago after taking the Airport-card out. Has been on ever since and used it a while for playing mp3s and ripping dvds. But I do not really dare to touch it.
– Powerbook G4 12”, bought new. Issues within 3 months (harddisk failure? motherboard, I don’t remember), worked fine after that. It fell (strap of my bag snapped while I was running), and hasn’t been working since then.
– Macbook 13”, black. Bought new. No issues until wednesday. I hate the glossy screen.

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