Politics! (with 7 year olds)

F. works with schoolkids (7 to 8 year olds) of Amsterdam-Noord on an art/education project. They are developing a story and invent a character (Cloney). The groups had to think about for instance where te character lives, what its supernatural powers are, what its goal is, what keeps it from attaining its goal, et cetera. Answering the question what keeps Cloney from attaining its goal one group said: “Geert Wilders!”. “So, what will Cloney do about that?”. Answer from the excited kids: “We’re going to kill Geert Wilders!!!” F. didn’t allow that, “then Cloney has to go to prison” and asked them to come up with another solution. They gave it a little tought and just as excited they then screamed” “We’re going to shave off all of his hair so he loses his powers!!!”.

Note for the non-Dutch reader: Geert Wilders is the ultra right-wing radical anti-Islam pro-police state populist politician who’s following amongst whites in the Netherlands seems to be growing.

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