Spiral Drawing: A map of the sunrise

Wasn’t there at 6 in the morning, but friends were, that is Noortje Marres, to make a map of the sunrise in Amsterdam. Try-out (?) or part of a new project by Esther Polak: http://www.estherpolak.nl/.

In April we will execute a first experiment producing a Spiral Drawing for one specific location and purpose. In this case Noortje Marres will act as a commissioner of a Spiral Sunrise. Her motivation in commissioning the piece stems from her move from Amsterdam (a location in close proximity to the Frederiksplein) to London in 2007, and a developing conversation with the artist about the (disputed) capacity of the Spiral Sunrise to bring the Dutch light to her London house.

-Execution of the work will take place at the Frederiksplein, Amsterdam, during the sunrise of 6 April 2009, in the presence of  Noortje Marres
-Esther Polak will execute the project based on Marres wishes.
-Noortje Marres will hang the piece in her London house for one year.
-Noortje will document her experience in a diary (log), before, during, and after the recording (3 times 500 words).
-The log is an integral part of the art work, and will be made available on the project blog and/or in any suitable form for exhibition.
Research questions:
1. What does it mean to trans-locate a sunrise?
2. Is ownership of a work a relevant form of interaction in the context of interactive art?
3. Does the Spiral Sunrise performance create a tangible presence for solar energy in public space?

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