The end of television — for me

The long expected end of old-fashioned television, television watched on a television monitor, has arrived in my house. Two days ago the receiver for digital television broke. Probably it’s still under guarantee, but it was reason enough to end the subscription to Digitenne.

I took the subscription only to watch the cycling on Belgian television. But even for that it is not worthwhile anymore. To be honest, I simply hardly ever had or took the time to relax and watch a full race. How much I enjoyed Robert Gesink riding in the Deutschlandtour (2007), Paris-Nice, the Dauphine and the Vuelta! yes I did, but what I saw where snippets, bits and pieces, fastforwarding the videotape.

The rest of the channels mostly bring rubbish. What’s worthwhile to watch I can see online. There are no public English, French or German channels in the Digitenne-subscription.

I will go for another experiment: getting my dose of watching cyclingraces through the internet. I go for the clips at Studio Sport, for the bits and pieces uploaded on Youtube, I hope to find torrents with full races (tips anyone?), and maybe even pay for some at

Hey, and I’ll watch them on the Eee Pecee.

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  1. this summer i also said farewell to the old hypnotizing device :)

    comment by rik mohlmann | 3 October 2008 | 9:46 |
  2. Brave, salute and here here! Man, so true. I’m a chicken for not kicking my TV’s ass today. … The only worth while are soothing saturday morning cartoons and occasionally Dr. Who on BBC World … But the practice of some guy in belgium telling me when to watch and how ticks me off the most.

    On the recording side of things: perhaps you should start your own ‘one man tapes the race, the rest get a download link’-group … like the BBS’es in the olden days. Man, now I’m not sure if I’m supporting you or mocking you. ;-)

    At any rate: 99.9% of the content on cable truly sucks, which is very liberal I think, considering it’s 24×30*99.9= 716 hours and 20 minutes of suckyness and PERHAPS 3 hours of semi quality a day of which you might actually catch half an hour because most great stuff is hidden in the night.
    What would a channel director say if I (and many other with me) would tell him that I’m willing to pay DOUBLE the current subscription money for only that 0.1 percent, as long as I can only see that, and at the moments I choose? I think he would have an aneurism on the spot.

    comment by Peet | 3 October 2008 | 19:31 |

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