Design errors

Since a few months I work on the Macbook. Ever since I have at least wondered once a day how the design-team of this computer could’ve come up with the idea of the glossy mirror-screen AND implement it. One user-test in a real world situation would’ve shown that it has severe shortcomings. Whenever I write, I look at myself thinking through the the screen that carries the words I am typing. Who wants to look in the mirror all the time while writing, working, looking at webpages?

Or is this supposed to hail a new era of continuous self-consciousness?

en,research,ubiscribe,writing | April 8, 2008 | 16:15 | comments (1) |

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  1. yeah, they have the option for glossy or not, before you i never knew anyone that took it. :P

    comment by Alex | 8 April 2008 | 23:19 |

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