Galloway’s Game of War

Tomorrow = thursday night Alex Galloway will lecture at Mediamatic on Debord’s Game of War and a modern-day translation of it in java. I suppose he’ll also talk about his 2006 book Gaming — Essays on Algorithmic Culture, and his 2007 book The Exploit, a Theory of Networks. I’ll be introducing him and moderating the night.


Alex Galloway:

Btw, I registered at the Mediamatic-website. “To hell with privacy, Google will find out anyway”. (But I want to access my data too, to do ‘things’ with it!)

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  1. That was an excellent session!

    Both me & Michael Stevenson blogged about the event:

    And this morning we had a great discussion with Galloway about Protocol (will be blogged later).

    I just ordered ‘The Exploit’ and I am really looking forward to reading it.

    comment by Anne Helmond | 28 October 2007 | 2:25 |

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