A bit of radio…

This afternoon I did an hour and a half of ‘real’ radio at the studio of Radio Oltranzista: http://www.radioltranzista.net/. Federico Bonelli had asked me to come to the studio to play some stuff and I’d quickly copied a bunch files from my harddisk to choose from. I know of Federico’s love for futurism and interest in poetry – so I started with James Joyce reading Anna Livia Plurabelle. Then via Cage’s Roaratorio and Imaginary Landscapes 4, to Walter Ruttmann’s Weekend. Then, to wake up, some loud USA/USB, after 8 minutes merging to Oorbeek, to old wax recordings from Uzbekistan (1905) and Angola. Followed by Ezra Pound and Charles Olson reading poetry, ending with a glorious set by Pho. We’ll do it again. It was great fun. The magic of radio still exists when you’re in a studio, making a program live, improvising.

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