A very loud noise

Yesterday the audio-input and/or output of the logic board of my Powerbook G4 was destroyed. It happened while playing a composition of Thomas Köner. Whenever I turn on the volume on the laptop there’s a very loud high pitched noise. And I mean very loud – much louder than you’d image would be possible. Think: ear-piercing. Everything else still works. Well, the option is to have a new logic board installed (400 – 700 euro’s), or just keep working on this machine and not use sound. And eventually when other parts start breaking down buy a new one. Hmmm.

So I started testing my old white ibook, the one that had screen problems. Maybe I could use that for playing music?

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  1. Bummer!

    You could also consider buying an external audio interface (FireWire) as a substitute soundcard. Because you are also a musician, this comes with an extra plus: You could use your Mac as an multi track recording unit.

    There are plenty of options, with varying prize tags and options attached to them. Feel free to ask for some advice ;)

    comment by Maarten Brinkerink | 3 July 2007 | 13:37 |
  2. you could also try and buy a 5 euro USB stick-sound device kind of thing … or even an airport express :-)

    comment by Peet | 3 July 2007 | 15:23 |
  3. Well, all this won’t help: I have USB external soundcard & the sound is just the same…. Ah well: the sound on my old Ibook is fine. I’ll dedicate that one to playing music. Luckily I don’t use the laptop at the moment for making music. And in case if emergency: my girlfriend has a brandnew MacBook that I can borrow.

    comment by Arie Altena | 7 July 2007 | 23:03 |

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