Exhibitions to see…

This is the time of the endexam exhibitions of the arts academies. So I’ll plug the exhibition of the Frank Mohr Institute, that runs from now till the 8th of July in the building of Media Arts Friesland in Leeuwarden (Nieuweweg 1a, in the centre, above the Halfords/MacDonalds). Painting and Interactive Media are in the same building. Worth a visit if only for the organ-installation of Steven Jouwersma: http://borgels.blogspot.com/. Also the rest is very much worth the visit.

I’ll also point you to the exhibition of ‘our friendly competitor’ the Piet Zwart Institute, whose students will invade the stage of Worm in Rotterdam: http://www.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=1002.

Then, connected to the upcoming 5daysoff-festival, Montevideo has a show with a lot of sound art, (In)visible Sound: http://www.montevideo.nl/nl/agenda/detail_agenda.php?id=361&archief=M

But most of all I’d like to plug the breathtaking exhibition that Lucas van der Velden curated at the Vleeshal and the Kabinetten van de Vleeshal in Middelburg – with very careful, precise, concentrated works of Thomas Köner, Jürgen Reble, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag and Ryoji Ikeda: http://www.vleeshal.nl/.

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