DNK – end of the season event

& the start of summer, they say. On friday 15th, from 20.00h on, at Mediamatic in Amsterdam: DNK end of the season event. With an installation, Open DI Night (with a.o. Yolande Harris, Brian McKenna, Marko Ciciliani, Ivo Bol, Alfredo Genovesi and Taylan Susam) and of course party with DJ Bumbum Hey and DJ Scumbag.

Be lots of fun.

Info: http://www.mediamatic.net/artefact-17358-en.html

& also check out the new stunning website of DNK: http://www.dnk-amsterdam.com/.

(Euh, with in the photo-section, a photo of me, looking at my laptop during the previous Open DI Night, trying to make my improvised piece work, which wasn’t a success. Luckily it was just a few minutes).

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