Urban exploring

Friday the Urban Explorers Festival starts in Dordrecht – some interesting things there. Of course on saturday a performance of Oorbeek (alas without me, since I’ll be in a car on my way to France), but also for instance Cilia Erens, Machinefabriek, Toktek, Jack Gallager and a circuit bending workshop: http://www.urbanexplorersfestival.nl.

For more urban exploring and game-based art you’ll have to go to Enschede the same weekend (or the week after, since this runs on till the 20th), where Planetart put together an exhibition as part of the Balenfestival: http://www.roombeek.nl/balenfestival/expositie/planetart_expo.html, with Joane Leandre, Julian Oliver, Jodi and lots of street art.

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