Went to see a try-out of the theatre piece Overwinteren for two reasons: one is that it’s directed by Marijke Schermer, who’s working in the Marci Panis building where I’m living, the other is that it takes place at the Volkskrantgebouw, on the seventh floor. Since that building will be used for ‘culture & arts’ in the next few years I was eager to have a look at how that might work…

The play is really well acted and well written – it’s classical and conventional realistic theatre, – the type of theatre that is very enjoyable to watch if well written and well acted. Plus: it really works well on the seventh floor with a view over the Amsterdam, through the big square windows. It makes a great set. Another thing that makes the play work is that the characters have a clear shape, it’s so recognizable it’s sometimes creepy – yet there is also always a distance between yourself as a viewer and the problems of the characters. I often had a smirk on my face. Well it’s contemporary realism, and it’s just very well-done.

Info on Overwinteren: http://www.opiumvoorhetvolk.com/.

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