Een goeie vangst / A good catch

I like to go to the public library to get a new stack of books. Every week, if I get the chance. Sometimes I leave the library thinking: “this is a good catch”. What exactly is a good catch? Books I really love or find necessary to read I will buy, so the library-good-catch represents a special category of books. Books I’d like to browse for a week, books I’d like to dip into for a bit to know what it’s about, books I will read for amusement, books on a subject I’m temporarily interested in but will not spend money on, books that are simply beautiful but too expensive, books I have to or want to consult.

Or, as an example, this list:
– a travel guide for Boston (I will go there later this year)
– a travel guide to Burgundy (little holiday in May)
– Chretien de Troyes, De Graal (new Dutch translation)
– Koen Vergeer, Yves T’Sjoen, Volksverheffing (poetry critism, poetry, theory)
– Quintus Ennius, Annalen (Dutch translation of the fragments of this early Latin epic poem)
– Willem Bilderdijk, Leven, ach! Wat zijt gij toch (anthology of this 19th century Dutch poet, of whom I’ve never really read anything)
– Louis Paul Boon, de kleine eva uit de kromme bijlstraat (Of course I have read that text, and have it myself, but when a new book from the Collected Works of Boon arrives in the library I can’t help myself, I have to lent it.)

and then, from the beautiful series of cycling books of De Eecloonaar:
– De Mannen achter Merckx

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