Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuovo Consonanza

I hardly ever buy CDs. I would have to buy too many… would want to buy too many to satisfy my need ‘to know everything’. That’s why long ago I decided not to create a nice collection of favorite music. (Meanwhile I have 600 cassette-tapes and about 200 GB of mp3s).

Saturday a package from Italy arrived: the 2 CD / 1 DVD box of Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuovo Consonanza. I guess I’ve surfed to the site of Die Schachtel ten times at least to look at the box: Last week I finally ordered one.

Well what to say… Being used to listening to mp3s I’m first of all amazed of the sound — or is that because of the music and not only because of the sound quality?

Secondly I become agitated and even angry: this music is so good! How is it possible that this is the very first time in my life that I (consciously) hear Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuovo Consonanza? Of course, I’ve known of their existence since years (this after all is the collective of composers that Ennio Morricone was part of), and true, I never dug deep enough into libraries to get my hands on one of their LPs. Their music was never played in any radio programme, hardly was mentioned at any time (except in some books). Of course it’s nice to that you can discover something new that is so close to your heart when you’ve been on this globe for more than 41 years. But also imagine what this says about the quality of our life, or our media, what ‘they’ play back to us.

This is also a lesson for myself: don’t compromise. Please don’t compromise. Life’s too precious for that.

… as a record of my enthusiasm.

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