Open DI at Mediamatic

Friday March 9th, big party — well, multiple parties — at Mediamatic:, the DIY Goodbye Party: goodbye to Radio Rietveld@SMCS, goodbye to Martin Butler’s Girlfriend Experience, plus the second Open DI-night, curated by DNK in the Mediamatic Garagebox, plus plus: Bong-Ra (!), and more.

A-and I’ll be doing a short solo-piece for laptop + cd-player (uh… well, actually I’ll simply be mixing & manipulating soundfiles) in the Open DI-programme. A-and, oops, my name is in this list: Juan Parra Cancino, James Beckett, Barbara Luenenburg & Nick Fells, Matthijs Kouw, Seamus Cater, Viljam Nybacka, POLYPHAKE, ciao! bird, Andre Avelas, Dirk Bruinsma, Mike Otten, Koen Nutters, Arie Altena, Sylvi Kretzschmar, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec.

Well, it’ll be a crazy night.

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