It’s an incentive to take blogging seriously: the Dutch Filosofieblog — — an initiative of Boom Publishers, puts my blog in the linkslist (and has given me a login).

Filosofieblog hopes to become the Dutch equivalent of Long Sunday — (a blog that I follow & read occasionaly) — and Ephilosopher — — (a site I did not know before).

Well, it’s a bit unfortunate that I haven’t read a lot lately, and no philosophy at all, and am mostly occupied by ‘moving house’… ah well, I did read a bit about/by Vilem Flusser (biography). But I wish I had the time for a little reappraisal of Baudrillard, now that he died. A little piece about what reading him at the end of the eighties meant (way before “the world wide web” happened) — when his text opened up an adventurous side of philosophy, and a fascinating, and stimulating way of theorizing the (postmodern) world. Or so it seemed at that time for a student of literary theory.

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  1. hey arie
    FYI: the link to the filosofieblog is broken.
    cheers. oliver (we met at the mcluhan convention)

    comment by oliver | 8 March 2007 | 15:03 |
  2. Thanks, the link should work now :-)

    Good to see you pop up here.

    comment by Arie Altena | 8 March 2007 | 18:24 |

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