As if I have already left

Am here at the Jan van Eyck, writing. But it feels as if I have already left this place, as if the year is over. (Well, some days left en a few thousand words to write & edit).

2007 has started already. In the sense that 2007-activities have already started.

If this mood continues I think I will not go for any last goodbye-bike-rides. If this mood continues then, it will mean that I will not go for a bike-ride once in December.

To be honest, I can not imagine that will become true.

As I write this, I begin to feel the desire to go for a ride. (But it’s dark and it’s misty now).

cycling,en,Uncategorized | December 19, 2006 | 21:11 | Comments (2) |


  1. Ride Arie, ride!

    comment by Sneaker Peet | 20 December 2006 | 17:55 |
  2. I just did — route coming up later :-)

    comment by Arie | 20 December 2006 | 18:47 |

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