Euh, correction

Just wrote: “Only marketeers who’d like to reach out to an audience and have that audience stay with their blog, want this. Why would you like an audience to stay”. Well, dear reader, of course I am very happy if you read daily what I scribble here. I am more than happy if I receive nice comments. What I meant is that the life of this blog does not depend on traffic, but on my willingness/desire to write.

Although I read blogs regularly, I myself am not a faithful audience that keeps returning daily to favorite blogs. (Or maybe, for a while, for 1 or 2 blogs, never more). I am faithful in the sense that I keep returning to the same blogs (or people) over a long time. (One can also say that I will encounter them, again and again).

I think, (well, hope) I have such faithful readers.

Sometimes knowing that one is read helps to keep the desire to write alive. But I know I would also write and publish if these posts were not read daily, not read right away. I believe in keeping track of time through writing. I believe it makes my live richer. Whatever. I hope to catch, or understand that which escapes me, what I cannot catch.

I also believe in giving all this away, this effort, uploading it to the web, as a gift to all those others that keep on uploading their efforts, for whatever reason. Hoping something will come of it.

Well, that sounds like a ‘creed’….

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