N Collective USA Tour

Do I have any readers in the United States? Anyway, if you’re living on the east coast this month is your chance to hear the music of the various groups of the N Collective http://n-collective.com/, like SKIF++, MoHa, Office-R(6), etc. About the most interesting sounds & compositional & improvisation concepts in contemporary music (well, I think). Very warmly recommended.

Here’s the tour schedule:

The program:
* Oct 6-7 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
Groups: USA/USB, MoHa!, SKIF++, DB, Office-R(6), Pho, 5.1 surround compositions by Robert van Heumen & Jeff Carey
Website & schedule: http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org/index.html / http://www.n-event.net/
* Oct 7 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa) – 3pm at the Warehouse Screening Room
* Oct 10, Flywheel, Easthampton MA
Groups: SKIF++, USA/USB, DB
Website & schedule: http://www.flywheelarts.org/
* Oct 12, The Tank, NYC – 10:00PM
Groups: SKIF++, DB, MoHa!
Website & schedule: http://www.thetanknyc.org/
* Oct 13, ITP / New York University (NYU), NYC
lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa) & Jeff Carey (Super Collider) from 12 – 1:15PM at ITP, 721 Broadway (at Waverly Place), 4th floor
* Oct 13, Diapason Gallery, NYC – 8:30PM
Groups: SKIF++, DB, USA/USB, 5.1 surround compositions by Robert van Heumen & Jeff Carey
Website & schedule: http://www.diapasongallery.org/
* Oct 14, Redroom, Baltimore – 8:30PM
Groups: SKIF++, MoHa!
Website & schedule: http://www.redroom.org/
* Oct 15, St. John’s Church, Baltimore – 8:00PM
Groups: SKIF++
Website & schedule: http://www.stjohnsbaltimore.org/CRP.htm
* Oct 16, University of Maryland (UMBC), Baltimore
lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa), Bas van Koolwijk (MAX/Msp/Jitter) & Jeff Carey (Super Collider) – time and place to be announced

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