Bye bye Jeroen

This comes as a real shock. Last week the young Dutch poet/blogger/thinker — I don’t know what I should call him — Jeroen Mettes ‘stepped out of this life, voluntarily’: I missed that it had happened, not having visited his blog, or one of the other Dutch blogs on poetry for a week and a half. I never met Jeroen Mettes, never e-mailed him, never left comments on his blog — yet I always read what he wrote with more than great interest. I knew him by his written words only. He was an ‘original voice’, a voice, that made me long for the future of literature, a future that his words, his poetics, I imagined, might shape.

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  1. he was absolutely great. i really loved him. knew him through mirc chat. years ago. it was very depressing and still is depressing to learn he commited suicide. made a clear distinction between people who r in this world, and people who r no longer in it, and cannot be reached. the fact that i could never say something to him, and could never hear him say anything, nothing new, except for the words he already put down, is fucking panging. he really was always surprising and tender and it was a delight hearing things he said. keep in touch with those you love. let them know you r interested in them. i find myself believing that he can still see and hear whats going on, or that he is still communicapable.
    i bet many people have nice correspondence with him. maby we could put them all together, to create a jeroen book, which people could read when they miss him. but then the book will be read from cover to cover and he will again be completely gone.
    suicide is a terrible thing. what a shame, what a waste. personally i know i have lost alot by him not being in the world. i wonder if he left a note, does anybody know?

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