Travelling from Blanchardstown (Dublin) to Kanne

— walk: Blanchardstown ‘Waterville’ – Blanchardstown Village, busstop
— bus: Blanchardstown Village – Dublin Airport
— plane: Dublin Airport – Schiphol
— train: Schiphol – Amsterdam Lelylaan
— tram: Amsterdam Lelylaan – Jan-Pieter Heijestraat
[food in Amsterdam, picking up the mail &c.]
— bike: Wilheminastraat – Amsterdam Centraal
— train: Amsterdam Centraal – Maastricht
— walk: Maastricht train station – Jan van Eyck Academy
— bike: Jan van Eyck Academy – Kanne

Not counting waiting times (long, as I arrived far too early at the airport), walks at the airports and stations, & walks so short they’re not worth mentioning.

No delays whatsover. Gorgeous weather.

I read two papers (Guardian of saturday & tuesday), half a Henry James story, checked 51 e-mails, wrote 4 and waited till I arrived. It took the whole day, from 10 in the morning till midnight.

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