Faxes of Dr. Fuentes

Cycling4all has scans online from the faxes that doctor Fuentes sent. I must say that seeing this evidence changes my perception of the case. Until now I’d be stressing the fact that persons are accused, found guilty and put outside the race before getting a chance to begin a proper juridical case. (Of course the whole affair still is a terrible mess legally seen).

I wonder what will happen with cycling — and with other sports (Fuentes had soccer-players and track-athletes as clients as well!). But I will enjoy the races just as much as ever. There will always be doping, the Fuentes-case is all part of the story of cycling & I love to follow that story. I’d wish it was less dirty, but I still enjoy the race.

I enjoy the race when my favorite wins. I also enjoy the race when my favorite does not win.


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