OMG, Jeffrey Deitch discovers The Boredoms

As I mentioned Braxton playing with a noise-punk band, yesterday, I guess I’m allowed to mention today that The New Yorker features an article on Yamataka Eye and The Boredoms, from which I learn that Jeffrey Deitch has discovered them too, and will host a Boredoms installation in his gallery next year:

(Yes, I’m wasting my time, browsing & blogging).

(Good friends of mine have followed The Boredoms since 1987. I saw them twice in the early nineties. An audience of what, twenty? thirty? forty? made them play three encores. We had beer with them backstage. “Those were the days”.)

Ha, in twenty years time Jeffrey Deitch will host an Oorbeek-installation!

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  1. And the Oorbeek-Boredoms connection will be stronger now that Yamataka Eye has also developed an interest in overtone singing. He even went to Tuva a few months ago…

    comment by Maarten Hepp | 14 August 2006 | 16:20 |

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