Browsing amazon, checking if DFW, Delillo, Ballard, Powers, Vollmann have new books coming up, check Pynchon & find this: Untitled, Thomas Pynchon (Hardcover), 5 dec. 2006.

Huh? Probably they’re talking about it already at the Pynchon-list (but I’m not a subscriber anymore).

But the rumour is already part of the wikipedia-entry on TRP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Pynchon.

And then I open up multiple tabs with Pynchon-related stuff… euh…

Ah, more Pynchonoid news here: http://www.pynchonoid.blogspot.com/. Seems a synopsis of the novel was posted at Amazon; then deleted. Seems like some people believed the synopsis to’ve been penned by TRP-himself. Or not? Or a hoax? Or – uh – viral marketing? Anyway — see the above blog for info & this paragraph, originally published on Slate: “To be sure, when Mason & Dixon came out nine years ago, the scholars and nuts who compulsively post to the pynchon-l mailing list were on the case in cyberspace. But the new book with the rather coyly withheld title will enter an Internet Age in bloom, which is just too perfect. Labyrinthine structures, shifting identities, abstruse interconnections, funky mail systems—in its delirious maximalism, Pynchon’s work has more than a few affinities with all this fine new technology, and the technology enables Pynchon fans to interact in a wholly Pynchonian way.”

Also coming up: a new Powers (The Echo Maker) and a new Ballard (Kingdom Come).

Oh, and here, a FW-wiki: http://www.finnegansweb.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. (Login required, I didn’t try nor really check it out). But it seems logical to set up a wiki for annotations to FW.

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