Tourette III

New issue of Will Stuart’s samizdat mag Tourette (Black Rainbow) will be presented next week, tuesday june 6th at De Appel in Amsterdam, from 19.00h on. Expect fotocopied quality text & image that will tickle & soothe the brain. (Or something like that). — It’s not for sale! (But voluntary donations are of course welcome).

I’d say this is another direction which publishing is taking. No distribution, non-commercial, cheap, but high quality content + excellent choice of material. And sort of operating on the brink of copyright-legislation. (Like old-fashioned xeroxed magazines?)

It’s not directly print-on-demand, on the other hand: I’d be interested to obtain a print-out of material that Will Stuart thinks is interesting… I’d give them a voluntary donation for selection + the effort of printing out. (The re-invention of publishing?) So in that sense it is similar to ‘print-on-demand’.

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