And saw 2 recent movies that F and me both liked. That’s rare, since I’m particularly critical towards contemporary movies. Hardly ever see one that I really like. So saturday Cache by Michael Haneke, and sunday Code 46 by Michael Winterbottom. One is perfectly made, and very precise in its statements (Haneke). The other can be criticized, because some of the scenes are too easy, as if it’s just a ‘quick job’ (Winterbottom).

Okay, Code 46 is about 15 minutes too long (some scenes are stretched to get to the 1.25 mark), but it’s exactly what a movie can be nowadays: good subject matter, told aptly and straightaway, good acting, okay script. ‘Now go and do it.’ One almost wonders why so many others fail. But I suppose that shows the talent of Winterbottom (whose ‘oeuvre’ to me, in the beginning, seemed, well, not so interesting at all; it has the smell of mediocrity).

F. thought that Cache was scary. I think Code 46 is way scarier — this sketch of a future society seems very, very close. Of course that’s because it exploits issues like exclusion, immigration, illegality –.

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