Procrastination or, euh, research, is it?

Have to start writing down the actual sentences for my text about the electronic/multimedia/internet/new media-poetry shown at De Waag last week. But I click’n read from poetry-blog to poetry-blog. Making the rounds: the weekly ones (a.o. Mettes:, Contrabas:, Silliman), the monthly ones (Inwijkeling:, and checking out what has happened in the e-poetry scene in the past months.

I read the discussions about Dirk van Bastelaere’s new book. Van Bastelaere was (is?) definitely one of my favorite poets. There are not many poems that I have read as often as those in Pornschlegel and Diep in Amerika. Yet I was disappointed by Hartswedervaren and Van Bastelaere’s current theoretical interests (Lacan…) are certainly not mine. And yet, even the poems in Hartswedervaren, I think, are stronger than those of Stefan Hertmans (who’s much milder, & whom I also continue to follow), or the much-praised Peter Verhelst, whose work to me always has seemed to be artificial and ‘unreal’ (‘gewild’ — tho that’s a very problematic criticism… I know). Hmm. anyway, I have to get a copy of Van Bastelaere’s de voorbode van iets groots today — so I can give my 2 cents…

I read Silliman on the poetics of Charles Olson — a very nice piece: Olson’s ideas about breath and projective verse are another ‘topic’ that I keep going back to (or ending up with?)

But what is this… research? Or am I postponing the moment to ‘jot down’ the first real draft of my text.

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