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I should’ve known. Of course Raymond Federman blogs: http://raymondfederman.blogspot.com/. Federman is another PM-AmLit-writer, but he’s bilingual (French – American). His work is wildly innovative, full of life and funny, and very moving.

Years ago I translated his most dense work The Voice in the Closet / La voix dans le cabinet de debarras; my translation was published by Perdu (http://www.perdu.nl) and is since long sold out. The text is available online at different locations (probably even at my own site… one forgets what one has put online…. ah yes, there it is: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ariealt/stem.html and http://www.xs4all.nl/~ariealt/voice.html, and also here: http://www.federman.com/voice.htm).

It was in fact one of the first things I did, after finishing my studies (with a thesis on Federman and theories of postmodern fiction) — without any real experience in translating. (Well, one has to start somewhere).

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