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Blake Morrisson: The Justification of Johann Gutenberg (or rather, the Dutch translation). The kind of book of which one says: that’s a good read. Simply an example of what an historical novel can be nowadays. Well written, well done, well researched. (Not ground-breaking, not difficult, sort of journalistic). A good insight into the constitution of a new technology, in the form of a novel. I read it with pleasure. Yet this sort of novel one only enjoys when one has an interest in the subject matter.

… in contrast to:

Flann O’ Brien, The Third Policeman, the book I’m currently reading. Ireland; bicycles and I realize, the ONE and ONLY true precursor to the strange prose of Ben Marcus. Very funny too (though you’ll not catch me laughing out loud when reading, I hardly ever do).

I did know of Flann O’Brien. His books were even translated into Dutch, published in that series of light blue books (in which also one Pinget novel was published — before IJzer started publishing Pinget translations), and of course remaindered. I did borrow his books from the library ages ago. But I never got to read them. Strange, I must’ve not been into bicycles yet…

Flann O’Brien:

Ben Marcus:


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