Reading through my own blog for Ubiscribe

Yesterday I read through my own blog: intuitive datamining for a small Ubiscribe-publication:

‘Intuitive datamining’: clicking through the archive, quickly scanning the entries with a human brain, then remembering what I’d been writing about, subsequently finding a few bits that might be interesting to re-publish in a small print-on-demand publication.

We — the (a?) Ubiscribe-team consisting of Jouke Kleerebezem, Sandra ‘Fokky’ Fauconnier, Inga Zimprich, Claudia Hardi and myself — are filling a wiki with ‘stuff” (text, pictures), to be ‘back-upped’ on paper as version 0.9. Publication-on-paper to be presented on 21th of May, at the Jan van Eyck. For all of us the process as a whole (gathering – writing – uploading – tagging – editting – commenting – designing – ‘outputting’ on paper) is a new experience. Though any of us know part of the process, but not the same parts.

Research what publishing is, by publishing.

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