.css mysteries

I’m enjoying it: tinkering & tweaking the .css-files of the wordpress-themes. Really. But what I do not get is why I should lose all of the whitespace in the lefthand margin of the content-part when I delete the one line that tells items in the righthand sidebar to get a 1px underlining when they happen to be a link… Makes no sense at all. I might not be a css-wizard, but I’m not stupid either. I can even look up and find out if it’s not something in the php. Makes me wonder: what does this blog look like on a windows-machine… Makes me wonder as well: why do people make such a mess of the css-files? It’s chock-full of lines that are not used… Maybe it’s the theme I’m using? Might be. Tomorrow I’ll tinker with another theme. Because it is fun.

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