Thank god for the internet

Didn’t get to surf that much lately. I mean, just surf — looking at a few sites, reading bits ‘n pieces. Not: downloading stuff you wanna have (more on that later). Not: goal-directed. Just surf. I just surfed to Peet’s site. Peet is a good friend. He installed Word Press for me. Peet is great with language. One of the categories on his blog is ‘ontboeiend’, which probably should be translated as ‘detriguing’, or something. See: He links some great stuff on Googlevideo. Thank god for the Internet I think. Why do we still watch tevee? (Except for live sports coverage). The fun is all here, on the internet.

Yes, I just spend four hours tweaking stylesheets that I did not fully understand. Now I’m hungry, havin’ a beer, and just surfing. Contemporary life.

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