• The Cinematic Experience: Sonic Acts XII

The Cinematic Experience: Sonic Acts XII (Paperback) is a book I edited together with Boris Debackere and Lucas van der Velden. It is for sale at Amazon. Consider purchasing it — I am quite proud of it and, well, I think it’s worth it’s price tag. On request I can make digital copies of my own interviews available at no cost, but hey, it’s so much more fun to get away from the laptop and read letters printed on paper. Heightens the concentration too.

Purchase at Paradiso

Purchase at Amazon

Here’s the product description:

On the occasion of the twelfth Sonic Acts festival in 2008, Boris Debackere and Arie Altena edited a multi-faceted book with nine essays and ten interviews dealing with various aspects of the cinematic experience. The book focuses both on theories of the cinematic experience, as well as on the practice of artists working in the fields of cinema, contemporary media art and sound. The book offers a many-sided theoretical journey into the history and future of adventurous, experimental cinema. Essays: Joost Rekveld, Arjen Mulder, Gerard Holthuis, Jan Schacher, Randy Jones, Lucrezia Cippitelli, Greg Kurcewicz, Rob Vanderbeeken, Thomas Zummer. Interviews: Ernie Gehr, Kurt Hentschläger, Stephen O’Malley, Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag, Thomas Köner, Jürgen Reble, Frank Bretschneider, Simon Ruschmeyer, Tomas Rawlings & Ana Kronschnabl, and Lev Manovich.

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